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During this COVID-19 Season, God is speaking. And He is speaking loudly. Let's lean in, listen, and learn together.

Am I In A Hurry?

Take some time to read the books The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry by John Mark Comer and Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons.​ Review below for resources on how to slow down, rest, and live well.
Silence & Solitude
The practice of getting alone with Jesus and alone with yourself. This is where you develop a healthy spiritual and emotional well-being.
Slow Down
How fast do you run and how distracted are you?

Some “easy” ideas to help you gauge how busy/hurried you are:
-Drive the speed limit everywhere you go for one week
-Get in the slow lane…on purpose.
-Come to a full stop at stop signs
-Don’t text and drive-ever again
-Get in the longest line at the grocery store…on purpose
-Single task…don’t believe the lie you can multi task. You can’t.
-Walk slower
-Take a regular day for silence and solitude
-Take up journaling
-Take a long vacation

Simply put, a day of rest. What does that mean and how do we do that in a culture of hurry, more, and never enough?
Take A Tech Break
How many hours a day do you spend on technology? Here are some ideas to help you take a break.

Take control of your phone:
-Remove email from phone
-Disable web browser
-Delete all notifications
-Delete news apps
-Parent your phone, put it to bed at night
-Keep phone off until after morning quiet time
Other Technology:
- Set times to read/answer emails i.e. once per day.
-Set time and time limit for social media or take a social media break all together
-Remove your TV from house if it’s stealing time from your life/family.
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