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David's last day on staff was April 18th. The Elders and Staff bless and support David and Amber as they step into a new season. We are forever grateful for David’s pastoral leadership over the past 22 years. Visit this page for updates as we continue in this season of transition.

Community Church Friends and Family,

There are significant moments of transition throughout our lives where we witness God bringing about change to prepare us for a new season. Amber and I are at one of those moments and the Lord is bringing our season of ministry here at Community Church to a close. 

While seeking clarity from the Lord, this decision has not come quickly. Nor is it made as a reaction to any events or misconduct that has occurred. I have given 22 years to the ministry here, and it is truly time for a change – for our church family and me. Our Heavenly Father continues to confirm this time and again. My last day on staff at Community Church will be April 18th.

I peacefully entrust the next steps of leadership to our elders and staff team. They are already stepping up to lead in day-to-day decisions with amazing poise and unshakable faith. They will inform you more regarding the transition and direction of Community Church. I know you all are in great hands as this transition begins. The Lord is at work in all of this. 

We have had the privilege and honor to serve as part of our community’s spiritual leadership for the past 23 years – 22 of those years with Community Church. As the lead pastor of Community Church, I am incredibly grateful that the Lord could use me throughout all these years. I am so thankful for the amazing team members and elders I have had the joy of serving with throughout this time as well as following Jesus alongside so many of you. I am blessed by the changed lives we have witnessed as a result of God’s work. All of it has been far from perfect, but I am so grateful to God that I had the honor to be called your pastor. 

We have loved serving here in this community. We are incredibly grateful to so many of you who have blessed and enriched our lives. There are so many wonderful people who make up our church family as well as our greater community. Thank you all for loving us, praying for us, and showing grace to us. Amber recently reminded me of the quote that “saying goodbye is a necessary life skill.” With the utmost love and honor for you all, it is time for us to say “goodbye” to this season of leadership here at Community Church. 

Eternally grateful,

David and Amber Yarborough

Community Church Family,

As you know, our church family is entering a time of transition as David and Amber have sensed God leading them into a new season of ministry. As previously stated, David’s last day on staff at Community Church will be April 18th. One of our core values is to remain authentic and real. Our goal through this process is to keep you informed every step of the way. The elders and staff leadership team are meeting regularly to determine the next steps for Community Church. We desire to be guided by prayer as we continue to listen to the Lord and discern His direction and vision for our Church. We invite and encourage you to pray with us through this process. As a unified team, our elders and staff will continue to lead Community Church as we look forward, with great hope, to the future and all God has in store for each of us.

During this transition, we are committed to helping you stay informed. We promise to update you regularly via email, and we will continue to have our website updated with all current and relevant information. Please continue to visit this website page to continue to stay updated at every step.

As always, please feel free to reach out to anyone on our staff leadership team or elder board with questions. 

We love you,

Community Church Elders & Staff

As we gathered together this Sunday for a family meeting, we announced a few leadership announcements for Community Church:

  • Our Elders & Senior Leadership Team have been praying and meeting together often during this season of transition.
  • During this transition period, Mark Fritchman will be the Interim Senior Pastor.
  • A Pastoral Search Committee is beginning to be formed at this time.
  • If you haven’t had a chance to review the annual report, click here!

This Sunday, the Elders shared an update as we continue in this transition season. As a team, the Elders & Senior Staff Leaders have prayerfully formed a Pastoral Search Committee. Our desire for this committee was to choose people that represent our diverse church body well.

This committee consists of elders and members of our congregation across both campuses, including:

  • Mark Everett (elder)
  • Bob McCullough (elder)
  • Tonya Barbee
  • Mike Brooks
  • Callie Milligan
  • Andy Holmes
  • Kim Johnson
  • Chandler Norris
  • Shane Parrish
  • Roz Sheppard

This committee is tasked with interviewing applicants to help discern a list of candidates that complement our pastoral and teaching team. Then, they will provide their recommendations to the Elders and Senior Leadership Team. This committee is not in a rush. They will begin meeting in the next few weeks as they prayerfully discern who God would have for us. Therefore, there is no exact completion time for this process.

In addition to this, the Elders and Senior Leadership Team have met with different consultants and churches with multiple locations to seek counsel and wisdom in this season of transition.

Lastly, the Elders and Senior Leadership Team are so encouraged by the unity, growth, and health we see in our congregation right now. We are so hopeful about the future God has for Community Church and these important next steps in front of us. We believe we can do more together and ask that you join us in prayer as we continue to remain dependent on God in all things.

Was this decision a result of any event?

No. The Elders and Staff bless and support David and Amber as they step into a new season. We are forever grateful for David’s pastoral leadership over the past 22 years, and David and Amber’s decision is in no way due to any situation, misconduct or other moral indiscretion. Simply put, David and Amber sense that their time of ministry at Community Church has come to a close. We will deeply miss them and pray God’s blessing on them as they prepare for this new season to come.

What are David and Amber’s plans moving forward?

After much prayer and counsel, David and Amber desire to be obedient to the Lord and sense God is preparing them for a new season of ministry. God has led them to the Church On The Hill, in Dalton, GA.

They remain dependent on God for His leadership and direction as they walk forward together. 

What happens next?

David and Amber’s decision is an obvious change for Community Church. The Elders and Staff are taking this opportunity to listen to the Lord, and are seeking His direction for Community Church in the season to come. As always, we are fully dependent on God and will continue to be. 

In unity, the Elder Board and Staff will continue to lead Community Church together as we seek the Lord for what is to come. We will continue to work together as a team. Consistent with our core values, we are committed to remaining authentic and real as we update each of you throughout this transition process. Stay updated to review and read all of the updates as we continue in this transition season.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

We completely understand that this major change brings up many questions. This change is a loss for all of us, and we will get through this together. We desire to be as transparent as possible throughout this transition. Please feel free to reach out to one of the following leaders below at any time.

If you have any questions, please email one of the following people:


Mark Everett: markeverett2@gmail.com

Lee Whiteside: whiteside.lee@gmail.com

Bob McCullough: rfm3503@bellsouth.net

Mo Pickens: morrispickens1@gmail.com

Ben Haygood: bihaygood@comcast.net

John Flood: jflood12000@mac.com

Staff Leadership Team:

Mark Fritchman: mark@wearecommunity.church

Jon Blankenship: jon@wearecommunity.church

Pam Scoggins: pam@wearecommunity.church

Jim Kay: jim@wearecommunity.church

Jim Towson: jtowson@wearecommunity.church

External Inquiry (Press Request, News, etc.)

Rebekah Mobley, Communications Director: rebekah@wearecommunity.church